Panoramic View Barrels Model 7600


Panoramic View Barrels Model 7600

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This exquisite panoramic lakefront sauna offers an unrivaled experience for those seeking both luxury and durability. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this sauna boasts a robust, 12mm thick acrylic panoramic dome, ensuring longevity and resistance to high temperatures. Measuring 7 feet in diameter, the interior of this sauna creates an expansive atmosphere, perfect for intimate relaxation or hosting friends. It effortlessly fits into both indoor and outdoor spaces, making it a versatile addition to any environment. The 1-inch thick benches are not only a testament to quality craftsmanship but also minimize any squeaking while accommodating considerable weight. The unique barrel design optimizes heating efficiency, heating up rapidly while comfortably accommodating up to four individuals. Constructed from premium western Canadian red cedar, these saunas feature 1 1/2-inch thick walls, providing impeccable insulation to trap heat, even in frigid conditions as low as -25 degrees. The sauna's structural integrity is upheld by 5mm thick marine-grade aluminum bands, ensuring long-lasting stability. As an added bonus, the sauna comes complete with a sleek black metal roof, fortified with protective underlayment to safeguard against the elements.

Length : 6 Ft

Width : 7 Ft

Weight : 1036 lbs

Capacity : 4-6 People

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Built on a stainless-steel frame, with quality components encased by a vacuum-formed premium acrylic surface and a maintenance-free synthetic cabinet, Northern Hot Tubs are designed to last a lifetime. LED mood lighting, built-in illuminated cup holders and standard Wi-Fi connectivity add a sophisticated and convenient touch. Larger hot tubs include a generous suite of hydrotherapy jets, acting like a personal masseuse for you and your loved ones. Moonlight Saunas is an industry leader in premium quality sauna manufacturing and is now an official Dealer Partner for Northern Hot Tubs. The addition of Northern Hot Tubs is a natural fit to their sauna program because they have the facility and skilled workforce easily sell and service the products.

Moonlight Saunas prides itself in providing 5-star service to Canadian homeowners and will now take their white glove approach with hot tub customers in Huron County, Perth County and beyond. Delivery and set up of a hot tub is slightly different from a sauna, but the workforce and equipment have similarities, so you can expect a seamless hot tub purchase experience. Moonlight Saunas also has a new hot tub showroom at their facility located at 44229 Amberley Rd, Bluevale (County Road 86 near Wingham). Feel free to stop by and see a great assortment of hot tubs, including premium and plug-and-play hot tub models. They even have a hot tub running so you can see and feel the Northern Hot Tub difference!

Thank you for choosing our saunas. Each unit is backed by a 5-year structural warranty covering any parts defect or damage not related to wear and tear or acts of god. Replacement parts are included, but labor is not unless installed by our professional team. Damage due to normal wear is not covered. Water seepage is considered normal and not a defect. Heater elements are considered consumable parts, but replacement under warranty depends on circumstances. Warranty is void in commercial setups unless otherwise agreed.

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