Log Cabin Sauna Model LC8000


Log Cabin Sauna Model LC8000

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This traditional cabin sauna is great for the off gridders or anyone that apricate a large sauna. This sauna comes with 2 straight benches but has the option for a 1'' thick 2 tier L shape bench which allows for seating up to 8 people. being able to sit higher on the 2-tier bench helps to get more of the heat as heat always rises. Our western Canadian red cedar saunas are all made with 1 1/2" thick walls to ensure the saunas are well insulated to keep the heat in during the cold winters, well capable of handling -25 weather and with the tongue and groove boards and are dove-tailed to ensure durability and strength to make this lasting sauna for years to come. The Algoma metal shingle roof is lifetime warranty roof that ensures that is always dry.

Length : 8 Ft

Height : 8 Ft

Capacity : 8-10 people

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Warranty Information

Moonlight Sauna provides a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects, covering any issues unrelated to normal wear and tear. This warranty includes defects in our Procraft heaters, element failures, and defects in Harvia M3 heaters. However, heaters from third-party brands such as Huum, Harvia, or Saaku are not covered by our 5-year warranty. Damage caused by excessive heat or misuse of the sauna is not covered, and normal wood shrinkage due to weather conditions is also excluded from warranty coverage. Additionally, any seepage is not covered unless it involves excessive water ingress.

Thank you for choosing our saunas. Each unit comes with a 5-year structural warranty covering parts defects or damages not related to wear and tear or acts of nature. Replacement parts are provided, but labor costs are not covered unless installed by our professional team. Damage resulting from normal wear is not covered. Water seepage is considered a normal occurrence and is not covered under warranty. Heater elements are considered consumable parts, and their replacement under warranty depends on the circumstances. The warranty is void in commercial setups unless otherwise agreed upon

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