Barrel Sauna Model 7602


Barrel Sauna Model 7602

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Discover the perfect fusion of spaciousness and intimacy in our uniquely designed 7' diameter sauna. Ideal for couples seeking relaxation or for hosting a cozy gathering of friends, this sauna offers a sense of openness that sets it apart. Its compact footprint makes it an excellent fit for indoor spaces without sacrificing comfort. The 1'' thick benches not only ensure a sturdy and stable seating experience but also minimize squeaking, accommodating individuals of varying weights with ease. The ingenious barrel shape design optimizes heating efficiency by reducing the heating area, resulting in rapid warm-up times while comfortably accommodating up to four individuals. Crafted from premium western Canadian red cedar, our saunas feature 1 1/2" thick walls to ensure superior insulation, keeping you warm and cozy even in the harshest winter conditions, capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -25 degrees. The structural integrity of the sauna is fortified by 5mm thick marine-grade aluminum bands, ensuring longevity and durability. Our package includes a sleek black metal roof with protective underlayment to safeguard against the elements and prevent water ingress. Additionally, a stylish trim kit enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the sauna. A front porch adds to the charm and provides a delightful spot to cool off, elevating both functionality and visual allure. Experience the epitome of comfort, craftsmanship, and durability with our 7' diameter sauna, designed to exceed your expectations.

Length : 8 Ft

Width : 7 Ft

Weight : 1047 lbs

Capacity : 4-6 people

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Warranty Information

Moonlight Sauna provides a 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects, covering any issues unrelated to normal wear and tear. This warranty includes defects in our Procraft heaters, element failures, and defects in Harvia M3 heaters. However, heaters from third-party brands such as Huum, Harvia, or Saaku are not covered by our 5-year warranty. Damage caused by excessive heat or misuse of the sauna is not covered, and normal wood shrinkage due to weather conditions is also excluded from warranty coverage. Additionally, any seepage is not covered unless it involves excessive water ingress.

Thank you for choosing our saunas. Each unit comes with a 5-year structural warranty covering parts defects or damages not related to wear and tear or acts of nature. Replacement parts are provided, but labor costs are not covered unless installed by our professional team. Damage resulting from normal wear is not covered. Water seepage is considered a normal occurrence and is not covered under warranty. Heater elements are considered consumable parts, and their replacement under warranty depends on the circumstances. The warranty is void in commercial setups unless otherwise agreed upon

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